Dilwale VS Bajirao


This time it’s Gangsters vs Warriors!

It’s more than difficult to choose between the two Blockbusters.

Here’s a small Dilwale VS Bajirao for you!

  • Whats New ?

Neither Bajirao nor Dilwale has a new story to offer but if you want to see something different than the usual flicks, we would suggest you to go for Bajirao.

  • The Cast

Here comes the second phase of dilemma. It’s a very very tough decision because on one hand you have the hottest and latest Btown couple ‘Ranveer-Deepika’ whereas on the other you have the evergreen ‘Shahrukh-Kajol’ combo. So here we’d say its a tie !

  • Entertainment

What runs the cinema? Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment!

There’s no doubt that both the movies are entertaining but in their own spheres. So if confusion seeps in as to which one you should opt for in terms of entertainment then maybe Dilwale would win here since light heart comedy is what Rohit Shetty serves the best!

  • The Concepts

The trailers have made it clear that Bajirao and Dilwale are no where near and their concepts vary degrees. Bajirao is a serious and intense love story and Dilwale on the other hand is a light comedy with ‘Shahrukh-Kajol’ level romance .

  • The Overall

Bajirao is the lovestory of Peshwa Bajirao with Mastani and the extremes they go through for love (Remember to carry a tissue along). Whereas, Dilwale is a love story of  Meera and Raj which takes a twist, reuniting them after ’15 years, 7 months and 10 days !

Both the movies are wonderfully presented and it would be unfair to compare them since Bajirao Mastani is ‘Painfully Beautiful’ whereas Dilwale is more of an ‘Old Wine In a New Bottle’. Make a wise choice or maybe watch both!

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