Dilemmas of a Modern Man

We wasted so many nights
So many days,
In the wrong beds
In the wrong arms,
Fooling them
Fooling ourselves,
Believing the words
Forgoing the actions,
Why, Why
Ah, the many dilemmas of a Modern Man!
The drunk night of partying has come to a close
The dawn, too, has come and gone…
When are we going to wake up?
O Modern Man, lights will not always guide you home,
Where will you be when you wake up?
HOW will you go back home?

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About the Poet:
Pratibha Nehra (Dept. of English)

Pratibha Nehra
(Dept. of English)

I’m an avid reader who has a passion for writing as well. I’m also a music buff and a fan of live music. I’m pursuing my masters degree from Panjab University and would love to become a food critic someday. If you like what I write, then do visit my blog – beyondallrationale.blogspot.in

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