Digging the insignificant: How the media went tizzy over Tharoor’s words


So while most of us believed in what the media has to offer, I thought that a first-hand perspective by lending an ear to Kanhaiya and Shashi Tharoor’s words would be a better option.

It’s given that the Indian electronic media, primarily televisions lately, have the knack of sensationalizing a visibly ordinary and in-the-box statement into something that has LITERALLY caught fire. All that was reported on the television was,


Honestly, the media needs to grow up and outgrow their obsession with TRPs if they want to make tangible contribution to nation building, on the note of what Nehru visualized. But that’s another huge issue. With Kanhaiya and Shashi both collectively making a two hour long speech, we have too much on our plate already.

While most of us have all our focus on the “irresponsible” words of Shashi, nobody cared a fig for the 40 minutes that Kanhaiya took, visibly seeking catharsis for his frustration with the right wing  in the audience’s attention  to his words, loaded with potshots at Modi.

He screeched in his usual, not-so-melodious baritone about the condition of the kisaan and constitutional freedom in every single line, ending in a lesson about why you, me and everybody should hate Modi! He said that his purpose was waging a war against the current regime, labelling it as ‘fascism in the garb of democracy‘ and yet again, he called out Modi. It seemed as if the latter was an obsession that had taken over Kanhaiya’s mind like that of a jilted lover.

He said whatever he possibly could to demean Modi amongst all those who were willing to listen. A party might be stereotyped and may have a certain kind of allegiance but that doesn’t mean that they are of no good. Every government has flaws and criticism is always welcome but Kanhaiya seemed to go overboard. And given his inclination for the utopian, what more can we expect of him anyway?

And next on came Shashi, clad in the Jawahar Lal Nehru-ly manner in the university named after India’s former premier. He started off with unity in diversity and it seemed that he had carefully done and revised all the facts and figures that he was supposed to quote, like we did in high school. He ranted on and on and on about the inclusiveness of the nation and what not. But what stood out was the grace with which he talked about his cause, not taking even a single direct dig at who are his OPPONENTS in the parliament. These are the characteristics of a seasoned politician and must be appreciated because while Kanhaiya spoke, it seemed as if his party was in opposition in the parliament, than Shashi’s. Easily, Shashi can teach tolerance while Kanhaiya can take over the opposite department.

Tharoor talked about freedom and his idea of freedom appealed to the mind more than that of Kanhaiya. When the former talked, he referred to the will and wish to speak “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”, which may vary from individual to individual. Given the pattern of diety-fication of the nation in the form of a Hindu goddess, many a Muslim might be uncomfortable saying it.

On a lighter note, Shashi talked Voltaire and quoted Churchill affirming his roots at the fetcher school but, at the same time, he strongly put forth his views of an India we need to transform in, in a very poised manner.

On the sidelines of the speech when he lightly remarked that “Bhagat Singh is the Kanhaiya Kumar of his times”, which is actually almost unnoticeable given the seriousness of the larger issue that he was talking about, the media caught hold of what could be its saving grace while TV channels went  into a tizzy waging  war for TRPs.

If one listen’s to the two hour long saga, you may easily skip the portion that led media to write ‘BHAGAT SINGH KA HUA APMAN’ on our screens in bold red letters.

Politicians may or may not review and reassess their ideologies and words but the media seriously need to. They are the ones who send out the larger message which turns out to be wrong in many a case nowadays.

Personally, neither do I support Kanhaiya nor am I in the favor of Tharoor or Modi but when we take a look at that kind of misinterpretation that happened over the JNU row with the doctored videos or Tharoor’s speech in JNU, it becomes clear that media is mis-communicating things than doing its job of easing communication.

Some of the media’s internal competition and shameful manner has even put our cringe worthy politicians to shame. It’s high time they change. And by ‘they’, I mean both, the media and the politicians!

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