Demands Accepted: Authorities bow down to SFS’s efforts!


Panjab University authorities have finally accepted the demands of the PUSCS President-elect, Kanupriya. Kanupriya belongs to the SFS party and emerged as the winner in the month of September with huge margin. One of the major agendas in the manifesto of the SFS was to cut the timing bracket for the girls’ hostel and the same has been granted. Kanupriya has won the battle of girls’ hostel timings to open for 24*7.

With the help of the students of Panjab University, the President was able to convince the authorities to fulfil their demands. The following demands have been granted:

  • Entry will be free throughout the night. There will be no fine (Rs. 50 for absent and Rs. 100 for late night entry) in girls’ hostel.
  • Girl residents can exit at any time during the night. For exit post 11 pm, only one mobility register will be maintained at all gates.
  • A committee consisting of senators is formed to follow up the technicalities of making PUCSC President and General Secretary as the ex-officio members of the senate and for student representation in the PUCASH.

These decisions have been passed in the senate meeting dated December 15, 2018. This is being seen as a revolution achieved by the tremendous efforts put forward by the girl-residents of the University hostel led by the President, Kanupriya.

With all this it seems Kanupriya is working well for the students bringing equality from theoretical to practical form. Will she continue to work the same way and stand on the hopes of students?

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