Deja-Vu: The Bizarre Feeling


Ever confronted with a situation where it feels like it had happened before? The body feels numb, the eyes focused, recalling each and every moment from the past and for minutes engrossed in the flashbacks. The present seems to be the folded page of past.

It’s the ‘DEJA-VU’, a French word meaning ‘already seen.’ It happens with most of us that while encountering a situation whereby we feel like we had already seen this. Each and every moment, thing, word, person, time, all looks exactly the same. Our brain feels so connected with the situation that one finds it impossible to bargain at the term that it’s all new. One is indeed startled, baffled and bewildered by it because what they see is impossible in the real world.

Most of us come across this strong imperceptible feeling when we meet someone or in a situation that is accompanied by a strong sense of familiarity and weirdness. A strange subconscious feeling passes through the brain that tempers our mind to reconnect with the feel and one feels that the moment is being relived. The feeling is mostly being held by the people who are travelers, extrovert, interactive and is mainly found in the young blood. The most amazing déjà vu happens when one is able to predict what is going to happen before it actually occurs.

This feeling is mostly experienced while in stress or hypertension and that is what gives the most appropriate proof to the model of over-thinking. When an unfulfilled desire is thought too much, it leads to the brain building castle in the air. And when we are finally able to get that, it seems to be already being taken.

Various theories have been propounded regarding this strange uncanny mode of mind. While some relate it to the over-thinking of the mind, the memory of an unconscious day dream to the memories before birth, there are people who give it the name of paranormal sights to the parallel universe theory and split personality disorder. Though no scientific prove have been given regarding this concept but the one who have experienced it have their own taste of tongue.

Déjà vu is not the only feeling of mind that strikes your brain. Apart from it is Deja visite, Deja vecudeja senti, jamanis vu, Presque vu, lesprit de escalier, capgras delusion, fregoli delusion, prosopagnosia are some of the feelings of our subconscious mind that act either in the basket of familiarity or something related to mental conscience. The horizon of our subconscious mind is so wide that one is every-time baffled with the miracles it does.

And if you are still not able to find apt answers to many queries arising due to such re-occurring situations, just take a deep breath and let the mind and body do their own job.

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Ritika Duggal (SD College 32)

Dreams don’t work for themselves you need to work for them. Hello, I Ritika Duggal is a writer as well as an illustrator.i love putting art in my words.Being an admirer of nature I carve them in my writings .I believe in listening more than speaking because my words speak on their own.


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