Decoding Homosexuality: Acknowledging the ‘other’ side of love


I am the love that dare not speak its name. I am the love two boyfriends feel for each other, two girlfriends want to cherish forever. I am the love that is hated. I am the love that dies everyday. I hide everyday, waiting for your knife to sharpen.”


I would like to summon all those who claim that to be a homosexual is the most vicious thing one could do. I strongly disagree on the fact that a gay individual is abnormal. When I contemplate over such claims, I feel angry and disgusting. Anger about the fact that we live in a world where laws regulate how and who one loves. Disgust because majority of the population nods head in agreement with the anti-homosexuals.


“Heterosexuality is not normal, it’s just common.” -Dorothy Parker


The day you understand what this simple, yet deep quote is, consider yourself lucky.

Lucky to be one step closer to liberalism, compassion and prudence.

One step closer to love.

Just because something is common, does not make it normal! Likewise, if something is uncommon, it is not necessary howsoever that it will be abnormal.


What I’ve heard quite popularly is that homosexuality is unnatural. Since the very evolution of us humans, probably every step taken was against nature. Humans are the only creatures who have affected the earth adversely. Snow caps are melting, the global temperature is rising constantly, endless species of fauna are already extinct and balance of nature is disturbed because of us humans.Oh, and, mind you, AIDS, a sexually transmitted disease was introduced to the human chain from a monkey. Way to be natural! So, are we really in a position to call homosexuals unnatural? When humanity is doomed in a different direction altogether, can we even afford to pry over homosexuals?


It is a known fact that in many parts of the world, homosexuals are killed for accepting who they are. Killed because homosexuality is a ‘sin’. So let me just get this ‘straight’, we live in a world where we wake up to newspapers preaching how perverse mankind is. We forget that we live in a world where rapes are common, murders are everyday news, majority of the children are sexually harassed, new terrorist groups are mushrooming every day, animal cruelty is on the rise, the list could go on forever. But the focus is on killing homosexuals. So how immoral are these activities if loving someone differently is the most heinous crime you could commit? And what’s even more ridiculous is the justification that people give. Religion. For heaven’s sake, stop using religion as an excuse for your rigidity and idiocy. Because I know for a fact that there is no religion that preaches the killing of innocent beings. Every religion preaches love, peace and harmony. We all love our GODS with full devotion, don’t let that devotion be limited to your prayers. It has been rightly said, “Love each other or perish.”


We live in a part of the world where we do not see a plethora of news about homosexuals, and how they are being oppressed in the most barbaric ways. But it is beyond our horizon to even imagine the horrors a gay individual has to go through after coming out of the closet.


Same sex marriage isn’t gay privilege, it’s equal rights. Privilege would be something like gay people not paying taxes, like churches don’t.”
-Ricky Gervais


Sadly, each and every word of this sentence is as true as it can be. We’re moving into an era where the better ones keep getting better and the worse keep getting worse. Talk about bridging gaps, eh?
Kudos to Ireland and the United States of America, one of the few places to support gay marriage. This bold and intelligent move not only exemplifies the importance of equal rights, but also highlights the need to widen our ambit of thinking so much so that we welcome them in our society with open arms.
Living in an era where every second person is a ‘feminist’, isn’t it ironic that every second person does not stand up for the rights of lesbians and gays? Yes, feminism means EQUALITY.


We form a part of the civilisation where humanitarian rights and laws are framed for the betterment of the masses. So, it definitely includes homosexual rights too.
On the surface, we all are pro homosexuals but deep inside most of us are homophobic. Think of a reason and you won’t have one. Are we afraid of a boy or a girl? No. Are some of us homophobic? Yes. Why? No logical explanation to put forward. It’s about time we open up ourselves to their dejected community, they’re humans too.
Let’s stand up to be the intelligent species we are considered!

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Aashna Bhardwaj (MCM College 36)

Brought up in Chandigarh, I’m a commerce background student pursuing my bachelors in commerce from mcm dav. Writing is something through which I vent my feelings out, and it’s close to my heart. With deep love for food and music I’m fun loving, outgoing and a social person!


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