Dear terrorists, thank you for reaffirming our faith in humanity


13TH November, Friday saw a number of terrorist attacks in the beautiful city of art, Paris and my faith in humanity restored!

I woke up to the news and felt a slight ache in the heart. I couldn’t take yet another attack, yet another proof of what I personally believe, is a beginning to the end of this world. Where people kill each other for reasons, which have no meaning!

But then I saw some other kind of news.

#PortesOuvertes. This term means ‘open doors’ in French and hence people started using this hashtag and citizens from Paris and other countries welcomed the estranged to their place. A twitter account was created for tweeting the places which would be safe for the night.

Taxi drivers were reported to be giving free rides to people taking them back to their homes.

Gurudwaras invited people in need of shelter for the police authorities had ordered to evacuate the streets.

Tonnes of people stood in lines to donate blood for the ones who were injured and in critical condition.

All of this just strengthened my hope in humanity. People from all around the world, breaking barriers of religion, nationality and color, were ready to help the effected in any way they could, and that, gave me a sigh of relief.

Thank you dear terrorists for reaffirming our faith in humanity.

For showing us that apart from you bad boys, there are some really good people waiting with their hearts, arms and doors open.

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Avleen Kaur Lamba

Avleen Kaur Lamba (Sub-Editor, PU Mirror)

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