Dear Abhinandan! You Are A True Warrior

Dear Abhinandan,
Today every second person in India, Pakistan and maybe people all over the world are talking about you and your bravery.
I can see you all over the social media this day and I want to know,
If you felt the fear rushing through your body and brain when you were landing in a country where you had no one to call your own?
When I was walking on the road the other day, I heard someone talking about you. Few steps ahead I heard someone saying, “Thank god! Our soldier is safe there”
I wonder if you’re actually safe there or like a responsible elder son, you’re making your people feel at ease, by showing us only one side of the coin. In another corner, I heard people blaming media for the war, for creating the mess you are in or the meme makers who through their trolls, asked for war and revenge but I really don’t know whom to blame, them or myself.
Nobody in my family has been fortunate enough to be a part of the Indian Airforce and I can’t even imagine what your family is going through right now. But the video of yours going viral on social media of you being mutilated by people in Pakistan sends shivers down my spine.
You are ruling everyone’s WhatsApp status, Instagram story and YouTube videos with a caption which addresses you as, “Hero” and “My Hero” but I am afraid of our people. You see we are, unfortunately, trained to forget things we valued once and maybe you too will be forgotten soon, just like Group Captain Nachiketa.
Documentaries will be filmed on you, a few blockbusters here and there and we will be back to square one, perhaps will wait for another blast to evoke our patriotism, for another strike to judge our Prime Minister’s loyalty towards the country and you… you and your name will be affixed with honour to the names we forget easily. 
I usually dislike the misuse of the word ‘forever’ but I am assured, when you pledged to risk your life for your country, forever was redefined.
Yours truly,

A citizen waiting for your return.

About the Author:

Garima Khurana (PGGCG 42)

A girl who is in love with books and herself. Can be best described from her love for music and her guitar. 


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