Okay first of all, a comic book review on an online Indian newspaper. Blasphemy! As crazy as it may sound though, here at PU mirror we pride ourselves on being diverse and comic book reviews may be as diverse as it gets.

As it is a review of a 20 page issue of a comic, it will be a relatively short review.

Marvel has decided to do a ‘versus’ of two of their most popular characters right now in an exclusive bi weekly 4 issue comic throughout September. On one corner we have Deadpool, the Merc with the mouth and heartthrob of internet comic book lovers, and on the other we have Thanos, the bald purple guy who keep popping up with his ugly head in the marvel movies, oh and he’s also one of the greatest marvel villains ever. A contrasting combination which the writer Tim Seely brings out perfectly. All the silliness of Deadpool is present but it never overshadows or belittles Thanos cold and brutal power. Instead the two characters here complement each other for the scenes that they are together.

The premise is also one of the best things about the comic, united by their love of the lady Death that is the physical manifestation of death in the marvel universe which controls the death of every being from bacteria to large planetary bodies. The premise is both interesting and an organic way to pit these characters against each other.

While the characters and their motivations are all well, far too much time is spend in the build-up of an already short series, hopefully the upcoming issues will provide more of the actual ‘vs’ now that the platform is set up.

Rating – 8/10.

P S – It’s probably impossible to get the comic book in India. You can buy it online on your smartphone or tablet through the comixology or Marvel application on Ios and Android or get it from ‘other sources’.

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