DAY 2- YOUTH FEST– Catching up the spirit.


A fresh wave of enthusiastic and zesty students was welcomed by PGGC-46 Chandigarh on the second day of the 57th North Zonal Youth fest. Students from all colleges of Chandigarh came together to showcase their talent with high competitive and sporty spirits.
The day started with a scramble for registrations for the events which included Mime, Histrionics, Skit, drama, Gidhha, heritage quiz and bhand. The day’s itinerary also included items like Guddian Patole making, Chhikku making, Pranda making, peerhi  making, tokri and naala making, Eenu making, Rassa Vattna, Mitti de Khidaune and khiddo making.
Mime ensured the day started energetically, with all the participating teams showcasing excellent story telling activities through nothing but their graceful body gestures to scintillating music. It was followed by Bhand – traditional ‘art’ of ‘humiliating’ a friend through witty punchlines in Punjabi. The whole item had the entire audience in splits.

Mimicry and histrionics (solo performance) also provided a platform for young artists to highlight their talents.

And soon enough came the most anticipated event of all – the 30 minutes long drama. Patiently, the judges, audience and the participants succeeded in creating an ambience of complete trance with a bevy of flabbergasted performances and bone numbing dialogues.

The fact worth mentioning, the fact that made this day special was that, decades long enmity of dramatics clubs of various colleges assembled again under one roof to fight, not for a prize, but for their glory and honour. Every year, the same well established clubs from the same colleges come together to prove their mettle, each time bringing forth new innovations, experiments and higher amounts of energy and effort in their art. DAV, Khalsa college, SD College, PGGC-1,PGGC-46,P.U., every college put their best act forward. And in the end the results broke many hearts, encouraged even more to come back stronger, and proved an occasion to party hard for a few.

The day was also graced by renowned Punjabi actor and comedian, Ranveer Rana, who took 5 minutes to have the audience rolling in their seats with laughter. He succeeded in lightening the competitive mood, and also sending a message in changing generation fads and getting back to your cultural roots.
The turnout was commendable, and the crowd seemed amicable and supportive too. The whole fervour of a youth fest. As finally visible, with the audience cheering for their teams and also encouraging their opponent teams alike. Overall, it was another successful day in providing students with a much needed respite from the everyday curriculum and helping them discover the stage-adorning sides of themselves.

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