Day 1 of Goonj Concludes- Sweeps the Audience Off Their Feet


 UIET’s annual fest which commenced in the college campus on February 23– is the perfect example of a fest which keeps up the momentum of the engineering department of Panjab University throughout the session. This year too the first day of this three-day event was a perfect blend of art, games, delicious food and swings. The organizers were engrossed in making it a great success and it indeed was.

Beautiful Rangolis were drawn at the entrance of Block 1, there were games organized which filled the ambiance with fun and attracted huge crowds. To fulfill the ‘Hunger Games’ of stomach, there were delicious food stalls which served great versatility to the palate. Not only this, Goonj subsequently held a special event called ‘French Cricket’ to digest the food too. Indeed, everything was in place and offered huge variety.

The highlights of the day, were the Hip-hop International auditions, which involved the participation of many teams, that got the appreciation of the judges and made the audience tap their feet. Group dance performances were next up in the list of making the event engrossing by having rough competitors from reputed colleges. Punjab Engineering College, got to stomp their feet on the winners platform, followed by Chandigarh College Of Engineering Technology (CCET).

To wind up the day with enthusiasm, hooting and whistles, the band ‘Musical Zombies’ performed live at the event. The relentless beats of the drums, and the zing of the guitars, created a vibe of pure energy and enthusiasm. The day culminated by a Band Night which poured even more energy into the crowd and had everybody swaying with their arms and losing themselves to the music. The star of the night was Swastik Band- an alternative rock band from Chandigarh-Dehradun. They performed some of their hit singles, and other songs as well.

Commenting on the chain of events and proceedings of the day, one of the conveners of the fest Satvir Kaur shared, “I am glad that it is engrossing audiences in such huge numbers. It was like a dream of our organising family, and we wish it continues to bring more joy in the coming two days as well.

The even was deemed to be a great success, and will continue to cast its spell over the attendees for the upcoming two days, as well.

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