DAV soar high with ‘Sing and Soar’


A melodious and poetic event, took place at DAV College on the eve of 30th April, an event so mesmerising that you wouldn’t want to get up from your seat.

The event started off well with a couple of people taking over the stage one by one and presenting their power of speech through their wonderfully written poems. Then the Guest of Honour and a beautiful writer and singer, Mr. Sukhvir Sukh arrived at the event, where he was warmly welcomed by the organising committee.

The event took a sudden silent pause from everything, when one of the organisers sang a song in tribute to KHAN BABA, on how he inspired to bring out the ever so poetic side of her out. The perfect mixture of a melodious flute, the vibrancy of the acoustic guitars sound, and a mesmerising voice, led to what I shall call “A Beautiful song”.

There was a twist in the event with the performance by MC Bamaniya astounding us, where he poured his heart out about his life in the way of Rhythm and poem Rap. The even went on with students and poets from different colleges showing their skills on stage.

It really impresses that how even today in this busy and metro politic world, there are people who live in peace and spread joy all around with their artistic form of poetry. All in all, the people went home not only with smiles on their faces, but with memories so melodious that they are going to smile all the way through life.

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Harman Randhawa (DAV College 36)


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