Daily Must-Haves for a Gender Neutral Bag


College, school, shopping, travelling and daily errand running; there are some things that irrespective of the occasion should always be there within your reach. And a good looking boy or girl are not on the list!
Bags come in all shapes and sizes like humans, and this is why they are never out of style or fashion. They are glorious and magical. They can hold the world and sometimes even your entire outfit together. The best part is that you can change them and the contents they hold, according to your task or occasion.


Here is a list of certain essentials that can and will come handy in most case, day to day scenarios.

  • Fresh Gum:


I don’t refer to the sadness you carry in your heart on a daily basis. But that fresh minty breath that lingers, can make you a global star. Carry a packet of chewing gum with you. All the time! It should always be there, in your pocket or in your sling bag. *gimme more, gimme more*


  • Water Bottle:


Increase in temperature and humidity level leaves everyone parched. It’s extremely vital to hydrate yourself. Water is a magic potion which helps reducing weight and achieving flawless skin.

  • Tissues:


Wet and dry in nature. The wet tissues will come handy in wiping that sweat off your face and will also refresh you. You never know when you end up spilling your drink or someone else does, dry tissues are your saviours in that case.

  • Pen-Notepad: 


From jotting down important details to giving that cute human your phone number, this mighty duo is a must. Pen is multi-functional and you’ll find yourself reaching for it in times of need.

  • Hotline Bling:


Your mobile along with the desired accessories! If you are out for long hours, then carry your charger or power bank along. Your earphones and phone cover also fall under this umbrella.

  • Sanitiser:


It is very important to carry a mini bottle of sanitiser with you all the time. You don’t need an occasion to use this, it’s more like a religious ritual. You can use this before you eat, touch a baby or are in a germ-y situation with no soap or water.

  • Perfume-Mini Deo:


Summer means sweating and that’s a reminder that everyone is not Drake. The only reason I mention him is because I am sure Drake’s sweat smells like all things perfect. Since we are not a part of his bandwagon, it’s imperative to carry a mini bottle of olfactory goodness. You can use a perfume to freshen up before a meeting or literally anything. Sometimes it’s not your neighbour smelling bad, it’s you.

  • Miscellaneous Essentials:



This includes change, keys, cash, a gadget, extra pair of anything, important bills and receipts, gift cards, chapstick, medicine, extra stationery, band-aids, some makeup, food (chocolate or a snack bar), a game, iPod, pen drive, book and what not. This section is subjective and has no compulsion.

I don’t know if this helped or gave you stress and in case it’s the latter then add some aroma stress buster jazz to your bag as well.
Be prepared, be flawless. Cheers to more world peace!

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