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The Bombay high Court on Thursday, 10 December, 2015 acquitted Salman Khan, with the charges of killing a homeless man in a hit-and-run crash after he appealed his conviction, (yes, that accident happened 13 years ago!) Well that was expected, maybe a little surprising for some but definitely appalling for all those who have (or had) faith in the Law. As it was a hit & run case, the accused did run away from the place of incident instead of helping the victims. There were witnesses who identified the (drunk) accused getting out of the driver seat and fleeing away.
‌However, when the witnesses (not all) were examined in court, statements got altered and some witnesses were even erased out of the whole picture. It’s no shock that the case went on and on for so many years, we know how fast our judiciary system is (pun intended). Especially when the accused is a celebrity and that too a Bollywood star, then the ‘picture to abhi baki ha’ sounds true. As for now, ‘Sabka favorite BHAI‘ is free of all the charges and well that’s bound to happen in a country where people mindlessly contribute to money spinning business of making senseless movies (read Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo), while the Bhai is exploiting those funds  “judiciously”, if you know what i mean. Bollywood movies from a long time have been projected as a mirror of the Indian society but now it seems like the reality is being manipulated to suit the demands of the “Heroes” so that they meet their happy ending. The hero cries at the verdict, everybody sighs but no one ask where were his tears when the innocent was gifted death? We still can’t say if he is just acting ‘being a human’, after all he’s an actor so for obvious reasons acting comes very naturally to him. No doubt, ‘it happens only in India’.
 However, even though the judiciary has passed the verdict declaring him not guilty, there still are questions which go unanswered, doubts uncleared and conflicting reactions from different sections of the society. The media being the inter mediator, is in fact  playing a crucial role in depicting the other side of the case which is filling the gaps left broken.
 As for the current scenario, we can see that;
‌Equality before law is also just a myth. Cries for Justice usually get suppressed under the influence of power and money in the so called ‘Intolerant India’, and this behaviour is ironically tolerated! RIP humanity, justice, intolerance, the idea of a corruption free nation and the list goes on..
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