‘D’ for Diwali, ‘D’ for Darkness


It is that time of the year again, when the air is thinner with excitement, the activity of guests, shopping, firecrackers, and lights and so on. For most people, it’s a celebration, but what if I told you that the festival of light isn’t exactly bright for some people.

Now the point to this as some of our rational friends may argue is not negativity, or the concern for other people’s lives when generally there’s little we can do to make it better for them. The point is gratitude, awareness, and perhaps even an effort to make the little change we can.

Diwali has a huge economic footprint with the markets flooded with people more than with products, and so this sacred time of the year has been transformed into a buy and sell fest, enough with turning the entire world into economics, when did we forget about having fun?

Not everyone’s Diwali is a ‘Happy’ Diwali, everyone knows children work in firecracker factories, the earthen lamp makers have a very testing time, keeping up with artificial lights, the boycott may be genuine but it’s not widespread; the morning is basically jammed roads and crowded stores and the night is basically very loud, just noise. Maybe we have a few people with the classical outlook rather than burning stuff that goes ‘boom’ or the ‘money-money’ approach, but I feel most of us need to be that way.

Moreover not everyone gets a holiday on this day, there are people with different priorities, or maybe it isn’t so but they can’t help it. Use your time in a way that makes you happy, play cards, make paper lanterns, invite the family over, put on a good movie, or just sit around and rest. Do things not because everyone is doing them but because you want to, so do you really want to shop (for others)? Or spend your night stuck in a traffic jam? Hey if you’re happy with all this and burning chemicals, who am I to judge; but don’t make this an obligation, do what you like, from the heart, and have a Happy Diwali.

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Tarun Sharma (PGGC-11)


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