Cryin over spilt milk

Sometimes its not about regret of the spilled milk,
That troubles our mind

It is the reason of the spilling,

Was the pot too hot to handle?
Did somebody push you?
Was it a scandal?

Did you slip over some water?
Or was the floor too slippery
All you hear is don’t cry it doesn’t matter.

Well it does matter to me

Cause for me milk was the true essence of my diet
That mug of milk was the reason for my strong bones

I took great efforts to boil that glass of milk
I added chocolate syrup to it too
And you just ask me to push through

Let us assume

for an instance if i did
Who will clean the mess?
What if i make myself dirty in the process?

So next time don’t tell me its no use crying over spilled milk
And that i should deal with it
Cause i will prefer to do what i deem fit.

About The Author
Sheena Singh

Sheena Singh (UIET, PU Campus)

Words are her best friends and poetry the best place to hangout with them. 20,acts 10,Engineer by chance,loves deep meaningful conversations over latte,interested in psychology,fiction fan,incurable romantic.


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