Coz we stay ‘Young FOREVER!’


“Forever, we are young

Even when I fall and hurt myself

I keep running towards my dream.”

These lines come directly from the new album released by BTS called ‘Young Forever’. It is a seven member K-Pop group, starting from Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Rap-Monster(Lead-Head), Jimin, V and Jung Kook; also known as Bangtan Boys, with the word “Bangtan” standing for “Bulletproof”.


Released on 19th April 2016, this musical delight is fourth in the series of music videos, which all four together is likely to be narrating a story. Starting from ‘Prologue’ to ‘I Need You’, to further the third video called ‘Run’ and now the fourth one ‘Young Forever’; it show seven boys who seem to be struggling in life, due to an event or events that have occurred!

young 2

In the song, ‘Young Forever’, the seven group-stars are shown lost in a maze, trying to find a way out. As they search for the exit, the viewers are taken in for various flashbacks from the three preceding music videos. It shows the various mistakes that they make and the problems that they face. Ultimately, it dwells upon how their friendship helps them overcome their struggle.

young 3

Near the end of the video, the six members find their way out while they wait for the seventh to join them. Finally, all seven walk down the runway, running and jumping with joy and ecstasy, their sense of freedom been depicted by an airplane soaring away into the distant sky.

A.R.M.Y, who are the fandom of BTS, have come up with various theories to explain the series of event in the four videos. Some opines that one of the members (Jin) die and the others are trying to cope with the loss of a friend. Others assert that all seven of them are dead and the maze is Purgatory. And that they are trying to escape from the labyrinth, to be free forever and rest in peace. Yet some ideas are that the maze depicts their inner struggles and how they finally conquer them. (My personal theory being a combination of the first and the third one.)

young 1

Finally, ‘Young Forever’ is a video worth checking out, as it provides you warmth with an underlying feeling of sadness.

Here is how you put it:

Audio: Perfect balance of sound.

five stars



Video: Beautiful interpretation of the meaning and amazing display of emotions.

five stars


~A proud ARMY!

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