Count the heartbeat of your adult-self!


There are always those moments when one faces the ’emergency situations’. As usual, the adults would then say, “Beta, keep calm”, “think carefully and then act” and what not! In reality, do you think that the adults adhere to these rules in their lives?

Adults as always, are adults (Deeper meaning intended). They definitely don’t want us to talk back and also not to talk with them in loud voice. There are a lot of things that the adults don’t want us to do. But then, we might catch them doing ‘the forbidden’ while we try to sneak some of their secrets (perhaps to blackmail them for getting to that cool party). These’ the forbidden’ can be smoking, drinking, watching porn, staying up late at night, and having bad eating habits.

Most of the parents want their child to excel in everything, even if the child’s caliber doesn’t fit in. That’s one of the reason why most of us end up with a messed up life!

We keep on wanting to fulfill the dreams of the elders, and forget that we need to be happy ourselves first. In return, we turn out to be the same type of adults, which we dislike. Isn’t it hypocritical?

For adults, life is more of an unwritten routine. They fail to realize that they can be happy, if they stop pulling each other’s leg. But then, I don’t keep them at fault entirely. Life out there isn’t as easy as it looks on the surface. If it’s an adults world, let them handle it.
All you can do is, wake up. Think about what kind of a person you want to be on becoming an adult and start working on it. If not anything, let’s aim to be better than that old lady, who didn’t let us play in the ground because the ball broke her expensive vase once. Let’s aim at being more supportive than that successful-society person, who didn’t return the kite that a group of kids bought by contributing money, and that accidentally landed in his place.

Let’s be the ‘little lazy’ type, but not the ‘time waster’. If life is crawling, let it be! At least, life is advancing and not just being static. At least, future is not dead, the heart-beat might be slow!

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Ridha Dhawan (MCM College 36)

Ambivert. Alien. Sometimes bold. Sometimes cute. In love with books, coffee and nature. The girly tom-boy, exploring her potential.


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