Coolie Number-1: Sandhya Marawi


Yes, you read it right. A lady coolie in our India? Is she powerful enough to pick up heavy loads? How can a lady work as a coolie in our patriarchal society? All these questions have taken the first place in our minds. Sandhya Marawi, an epitome of love and sacrifice, is a 30-year-old widow, who is breaking stereotypes to feed her children. Rather than begging, or being dependent on the society, she chose to stand up on her feet. Running from one platform to another, working with all the male colleagues and lifting those heavy bags, she has made her identity.

Life does not come easy. It is full of happy as well as tragic moments. Some give us happiness, while others keep us in despair. The thing we humans need to monitor, is our emotions. Everyone has different phases, and with every phase comes a life lesson. Lessons which make our lives easy and more content.

Everyone has problems. Some are poor, while others are facing taxation issues. Someone is sick, while another person is not able to manage time for his family. These problems are uncountable- with every breath, we are facing an issue. One way to deal with these, is to curse destiny; the other is to find a solution and get out of them as soon as possible. If we start carrying our problems on our heads, their weight will surely crush us. But if we put them under our feet, they will serve as stairs and will surely help us reach success. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

This is what Sandhya Marawi did. Rather than being dependent on someone or cursing her destiny, she accepted the situations, and ran for the solution. She has made her new identity in the world, teaching everyone the lesson that women are not less than anyone. She broke free of all stereotypes about women. Life is as simple as riding a bicycle- to maintain balance, one must keep moving.

Problems are not stopping signs. They are guidelines, making us learn the ways of life, making us more competent, making us brave, making us a strong human being. Humans have problems, as well as the solutions to them. All we need, is an optimistic mind to search for them. All problems are opportunities in disguise, so let’s develop the power to turn our problems into opportunities.

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Aditya Sharma (GGDSD College 32)

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing, and learn as you go! 
Hello, This is Aditya Sharma, a budding writer, who feels that words can be transformed into emotions and feelings. The pen possesses the power to change the world, and I believe in being a change! 

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