Convert your smartphone into a Virtual reality device using Aura VR


We can’t even imagine a world without technology, right?

What if I tell you, it’s about to get better?

The current age bracket has seen technology touching far greater heights, such heights that one wouldn’t even imagine a few decades ago. You have seen touch screen mobile phones and your parents couldn’t even visualize a world with mobile phones when they were young.

Stepping into the souk of Virtual Reality we have Google Cardboard inspire VR kit. Produced out of Cardboard and plastic, Aura VR is the device that can be the stepping stone into the future. Aura VR is a great technological advancement and the best part is it being made in India. The Virtual reality experience you get with this is un-paralleled.

First basic step
The first basic step into the VR world can be taken with the Aura VR kit. Our generation demands technology and this is the very basic thing you can acquire to check out this new technology. Both 2D and 3D formats can be enjoyed using the Aura VR kit.
All you need to do is have an android or IOS powered mobile phone which will fit in the front of the device and hence enable you to enjoy the superior quality viewership.

Basic Requirement
The Aura VR supports both Android and IOS, the minimum Software required to access this device is Android 4.1 and IOS 6.  Devices up to 6 inches in screen size can be used in the virtual reality kit. A Basic application called the Cardboard is required along with a VR player which allows you to watch videos using this device and your Mobile phone.
The applications differ but are not difficult to find and large in number. Variety of games and video players are available on the Play store and App store for you to explore. Videos of all formats are playable on Aura VR just using any video player applications from VR Cinema, side by side players, etc. Aura VR supports games that provide you with an experience of being present in there yourself.

Even though it looks very simple in the design and built quality but one cannot make out any flaws in the rigidity of the product. A comfy headgear holds the Aura VR upright for the viewer. The front lid opens up to fit in your mobile phone and the rest is quite easy.

The best thing that comes under Aura VR is the 360 view which gives the viewers an experience un-matched by any other device. You will like being present in the scene itself.
Although Aura VR is trying to improve its quality, it stands as the only drawback with Aura VR but again for a device that costs you just 640 rupees is a great bargain. Aura VR proves to be a fabulous device and to vouch for that we have the ratings the product has received on sites like where it is even the bestseller.
Having satisfied customers likes Disney; Aura VR has already made a name for itself in the market. Students like us can’t go on to buy the high end Oculus Rift for the enjoyment of the virtual world so here we have Aura VR. Grab your Kit now.

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