Conflict There


Conflict There

I lay here now,

too numb to feel anything,

My heart, too cold to calm my wounded wings,

Inside it, I have to go,
To know what music it sings.
I dive inside it, and here the journey begins.
Inside it, I see a battlefield,
Soldiers, both vigorous and bleak.
Some, I see, in black, some in white,
They have hearts and weapons, ready for a fight.
The army with hearts
tries to spread love,
And other, with weapons,
dance to blood.

They now confront each other;

the war has just begun.

I see them fighting,

both the black and the white,

They wound each other,

trying to win the fight.

The black seems powerful,

dark and wild.

The white intends to spread love,

but still it fights.

I see the battle, they kill and mock.

Laughing and crying, these wars they fought.

They dance and sing and fight again,

They hurt themselves, without fearing pain.

I end my journey, discovering my inner battles,

My demons and angels, I lie in their shackles.

In the web of lies inside me, some truth I try to seek,

I’ll be strong someday, not so weak.

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About the Author:

Kavvika Nandra (Dept of Economics, PU Campus)

Kavvika Nandra (Dept of Economics, PU Campus)

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