Confirmation from Ed Sheeran– “Yes, I Will be Visiting Chandigarh!”


The man who united the world through his divide, and taught us to fit our memories in the ripped jeans is coming to Chandigarh. Ed Sheeran recently disclosed his unexpected visit to Chandigarh through his Tweeter account. After the music concert in New Delhi this upcoming November, he will be directly flying to the city to bless his fans with his valued appearance.

According to the sources, the intent of this visit is not to hold another music concert, but to motivate the young and talented guitarists.  Ed is organizing a talent hunt in Chandigarh whereby the participants will be required to perform any of the Ed Sheeran’s song on their guitars. The best five performances will be conferred with a brand-new‘fender electro acoustic guitar’signed by one and only, Ed Sheeran.

However, this talent hunt is being criticized by the strata of talents specialized in instruments other than guitar.  They believe participation should have been open to other instruments as well.

The C*ke Studio-India has been entrusted with the responsibility to audition young talents and shortlisting the final names to perform in front of Sheeran. The artist’s visit and his talent hunt have created a great hype among the guitarists across the city. As per the c*ke studio audition team; 10,000 applications have arrived to them for the auditions in just a day after such a stupefying announcement was made.  Auditions will commence on October 5, 2017 till October 15, 2017. People are quite zealous about the auditions and are preparing for it ‘at the war footing’” said the C*ke Studio India managerial head.

Talent hunt will be held at Rose Garden on 2nd day of December, 2017. Chandigarh Police are preparing themselves well and are contriving strategies to secure the area and provide upmost protection to the beloved artist.

Ed Sheeran is the man whose songs flow into the boundaries of every nation and is being liked and heard in every corner of the world. Music for him in his words “is happiness!” No doubt, news of his surprise visit to Chandigarh has turned all of his fans jubilant. Fans are planning to provide him with a grand welcome as a symbol of their love and respect.

Let’s see what else surprise does he bring with him. The countdown beings!

Disclaimer: This is a piece of chimerical thinking by the writer where he sees his wish come true to meet his idol. He grants his apologies to make your ambitions reach to the hilt by making you experience this ‘yet not possible’ feeling to meet this world-famous phenomenon. This is a part of our Thursday edition, the bogus bulletin, to make you enjoy the levity within this tough MST packed schedule.

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