Comenzar Stuprendres: PGGC-42 Sets Off With Its Carnival


Splendid with cheerful celebrations, games and mouth-watering cuisine, Post Graduate College for Girls Sector 42 welcomed all to the ‘Comenzar Stuprendres 2017′ on March 30th. The grand fest was inaugurated by the principal of the college, Mrs. Binu Dogra. This was followed by ribbon-cutting for thirty two stalls.

The students along with their professors organised the whole event with multiple organisers including Amity Global Business School, SKD Group of Institutions, Education One Step Ahead, Academy of IELTS and Swami Suzuki two-wheelers. With many colourful stalls, students promoted handmade arts and crafts. Stalls like ‘snap it’ and ‘tring tring were eyecandy for techno lovers.

m3Much variety of food items were displayed in various stalls including Chinese food, mojitos and shakes, and all-time Indian favourites chaat and tikki, which were loved by everyone. Lord’s Café‘s food and beverages were also enjoyed by many.

Reader’s section did not get much attention but was a lovely part of the fest with display of over a hundred novels. Students displayed jewellery and clothing stalls such as the urban uva, which was the centre of attraction for the girls.

main2Apart from these activities audience enjoyed the groovy beats of the live band, and singing and dance performances by the audience as well.

While the girls had a fun time in the tarot card reading section and ‘what’s your rashi’ horoscope section, the guys were delighted with a variety of games and lotteries. The fest had its share of fun, but it also had career guidance and counselling stalls for those who had their one eye on the future.

Even the blazing sun could not stop the youth from enjoying the fest and dancing till their feet were sore.

About the Author:

Harita Jatana (PGGC)

Harita Jatana (PGGC)

I am a philanthropist, admiring the small things. Love to find myself with the help of yoga and writing. Hoping to be an enlightened soul someday.



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Simran Kaur (PGGC)

Simran Kaur (PGGC)

Hey, I am Simran Kaur. I find solace in photography and believe to relieve the moments once captured. I am a happy go lucky philanthropist.


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