College Student Council Elections, From the Eyes of a 1ST Year Student


Initial days of college are a blend of emotions as we drive out of the safe niche of the school life, endearing teachers into the competitive world where we have a rendezvous with the realities of life. And everyone has definitely come across such a scenario of pre-election atmosphere in their three years which seems to be fascinating. Yet pours in a colossal amount of questions as to whom to rely on.

So, here goes the usual story and mindset of a first year student prior to elections-

One fine day, as you reach the college gate, all decked up, you see large hoardings highlighting the candidates for elections from different parties and seniors shouting at the top of their voice to support their respective parties and candidates. Then they follow you into the classes, while you roam around the college and in fact at every nook and corner of the place. They try to coax you to support their party through various means. All this makes us feel important yet at the same time, pushes us into a dilemma as to go for which party?

All the parties defending their deeds, presenting their own manifesto trying to outshine the other, promising to listen to the grievances of the students and putting allegations on the competing parties is all very new and overwhelming for us initially. It is true that all these parties are working hard but we the new students are unable to figure out as to who is the best one?

And then eventually after being lost in the maze of all this paparazzi and bonanza, we end up deciding on the fact that not coming to vote will be the respite from all. We develop a mindset that if we do not vote, it won’t make much of a difference.

But then after looking at the hard work and efforts put in by the members of various parties to prove their mettle, we realize that we have grown up and now it’s time to use our pragmatic approach and take our own individual decisions after analyzing the pros and cons of everything around. It is time to use our rights for our own welfare and contribute effectively towards the consensus for the party to be brought in power.

Rashi Kaushik, a first year student states, “It is an altogether new experience for us but we are perplexed as to how to judge them as we cannot reach upon a decision just by listening to their sugar coated words.”

Sharing the same chord, Aditi Malhotra says, “I am not sure that I will be able to choose any one of the parties till the end because all are available every now and then to help us but there is utter confusion about the same.”

So, I’ve an important  message to all the newbies, that being a responsible and vigilant student of the college, you should definitely turn up on the day of voting as it is your indispensable duty to choose your leader for your welfare. Do cast your vote, as a single vote of yours can bring about a huge difference in the fate of the college, your vicinity and your fellow mates.

About the Author:

Niti Goyal (SD College 32)

Niti Goyal
(SD College 32)

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