College Ke Woh Din


While there were many to brag about their gedi route experiences, confirming the diversity of crowd were the ones recalling the academic fests and competitions as the best memory to take along. Soul rests in the Annual Youth Fest where a prize would mean the world to you! Those Moments!

The practices which were the most rigorous but made up by the evenings of gossips! Those Moments!

The fights over choice of songs and dialogues and attires that would end with just something that all could afford! Jugaad nikalne par hi hamesha baat khtm hoti thi!”Those Moments!

The gossips about the hottest couple in campus! The long hours love guru sessions in the parking lot for the craziest problems you’ll probably laugh about in future! But then they meant everything to you!Those moments!

College Life may be bundled with trillions of such moments and memories, each embedded in hearts to be narrated lifelong. For say anything these are the most craziest, the insanest, the most unbelievable, the most sentiwali memories! Memories of the College! 

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Kanika Meadh (PGGCG-11)

Kanika Meadh (PGGCG-11)

I am the creativity lover.. and revel in art, books, food,
music,writing..! A fun loving sociable person, I relish trying new
things! ‘Strike Perfection! Enjoy the Bliss!’ ..That’s my way!


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