College Diary: My First Day in S.D. College


Done with your board exams? Burnt the midnight oil and scored a high percentage? Maybe not as high as you expected it to be, or worse, still your expectation fell flat on your face. Now you think it’s going to be a cake walk, after getting a good percentage and as you eke out your bright and boasting marksheet. But, has the struggle really ended? Is college life as cool as it seems on the silver screen? No, folks! The struggle has just begun.

Should you apply to this university, or that one? Is it good to join the college, which your neighbour said, boasts of great result and placement; or should you consider the high ranking college that hardly cares of how capable you are in real, but label you a winner or loser based on the juiciness of your 12th marksheet?

If you too are facing this syndrome of going crazy searching for a good college, well you aren’t the only one plagued with this disorder called, ‘College-Mania.’ Every peer out there is in the same water as you are, struggling in the same way and walking on the same thorns. Finally, when you squish into your favourite college, the world suddenly doesn’t seem as flowery as it used to be! Why? Because the realities of life finally dawn upon you.

My first day in S.D. College wasn’t definitely as I dreamt of it. A veritable bedlam of confused bird-lings, students rushed about and so did the professors, trying to maintain decorum and fishing every student back to their class. Being told to attend classes a minimum of 75% for passing the semester, I hurried to my lecture hall, relieved yet bewildered to find the professor missing and everyone in the same state as me.

By the third class of the day, I realised how badly I was missing my school, my alma mater. With tears welling in my eyes, I missed my class, my pals and those lovely teachers; for whom we were students, not mere roll numbers and who cared about us, rather than merely delivering the lecture and leaving. My name was called amidst the hub-hub of my thoughts, the professor told me that I was enrolled in not this, but some other section. And then, the ordeal of searching my ‘right’ section and getting enrolled again, repeated itself.

Stealing a bit of time between lectures (unfortunately for us, B.Com students, we have back to back classes), I explored the StuC (the Student Centre or the Canteen, as S.D. mates call it), the auditorium, the other blocks and the UMT, which I initially thought to be a lovers nest in some hideaway spot but it turned out to be a tree (UMT= Under Mango Tree). After running from one corner to the other for this errand or that, my first day in college ended as not something out of a Dharma Production’s  expectation, but one polar opposite to it.

Making friends, going to lectures and bunking a whole lot too, eating the enticing Cheese Grilled Patties, (a must try for the first years), the Nimbu Paani and Nescafe Maggie, college life finally set foot in my life, and so it will even in yours.

Progress is imperative and you have to move forward. I wish, I could also turn back time and relive school once more! On a serious note, every phase in life is as important as the previous one and don’t forget to make the most of it. For exactly like your school life, even your college life will come once and the first day in college will always be the most memorable one. S.D. will give you a lot of opportunities to nurture yourself and your talents. Go grab the opportunities and shine!

All the best! Have fun, as there won’t be another college life too. Cautionary, stay away from drugs and live your life!

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Maatul Singha (SD College 32)

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