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Tamashaa is a wonderfully presented movie and Deepika Padukone as ‘Tara’ and Ranbir Kapoor as ‘Ved’ have played their parts PERFECTLY. Tamasha was a delight to the eyes and now we can say that after a long long time BOLLYWOOD has given to us what we really needed, A MOVIE and not a waste of money !

And after a long long wait PU MIRROR brings to you a list of ONLY Yaayss, beacuse Tamasha gave us no reason for hates .

1.Its Melodramatic, But you’ll still love it!?Like all Bollywood movies Tamasha has its dose of drama ,but surprisingly you’ll like that too because Imtiaz Ali knows to makw you feel the movie .

2. RANBIR and DEEPIKA ! Need I say more ??Deepika is definitely some Beauty Goddess and Ranbir has his own Chocolate boy charm and the fact that they are together in the movie is enough to drag you to the theaters .

3. Its a delight to the eyes?Like a lot of other movies these days, Tamasha is also Colorful and Cute , but what makes it special is the Simla and Crosico effect.

4. We wear in Tears too ?Oh well, who wont cry seeing Deepika or Ranbir in tears? Its honestly a disgrace if an utterly shattered Tara wont take a piece of you away.

5.Songs ?Whether its ‘Matargashti’ or ‘Heer toh badi sad hai’ , every song has a way to stealing your heart.

6. Its not a waste of money?Finally no Prem is snatching our money .Tamasha is totally a ‘paisa vasool’.

Also PU MIRROR proudly gives TAMASHA a Four star rating

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