Clover’s Child by Amanda Prowse: All in Verse

Holla, readers! This is a poetic summary of Clover’s Child, by Amanda Prowse. Follow below, 
Clover’s child,
 you carry a star in that curly hair of yours
 ‎a lonely thing, just the one,
 ‎clover’s child, you can’t flatten it with water
Clover’s child,
 ‎i’ve seen you perched at the dock
 ‎do you wait for hope in those ships?
 ‎clover’s child, the sailors can’t help you
Clover’s child,
you must not love that man, you know
he breathes in a peace different to yours
clover’s child, learn to let go
Clover’s child,
you’ve never been fond of fire
your skin turns into embers in your dreams, you say
but clover’s child, what of the flames you wear
Clover’s child, 
i know you’ve known loss
as intimately as a mother without a baby
clover’s child, don’t lose yourself, darling
Clover’s child, clover’s child 
you can be as happy as you want to be
he does care for you, he really does
clover’s child, at last, you can be free!

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Isha Gupta (PGDAV College, Delhi)

A maverick with shades of black, I spend my days trying to find my way out of constellations. Caped poet by night, an accountancy student by day. 


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