Click Bait–Rudeness of the Internet!


What I wrote in the title is what you refer to as ‘Click Bait.’ But when you read the following words, ‘Rudeness of the Internet’, your mind immediately jumps onto various conclusions. You tend to ask, what is that supposed to mean? How can the Internet be rude? Did the writer make a grammar mistake in the title?


Internet is a non-living thing. So obviously, conclusions might be drawn. Some might even end up thinking that it is related to something supernatural. Others, who do have an idea about ‘Click Bait’ might be intrigued or might just shrug the whole thing off.


Basically, ‘Click Bait’ is something posted on the net, that holds a title generally misleading or holding only part of the information and is made to attract more viewers. It might be something provoking in nature, or hold words that might spoil someone’s image.


Over the time, I have been through many such click baits, in the form of articles online or YouTube videos etc. Even though I know what they are, I just can’t resist myself from opening it. Sometimes, when the title refers to a certain individual in a negative light, I certainly open up the article just to confirm the fact that no, the person is not bad, as portrayed in the title!


Let me give you all an example.


“Title: Actor XXX says drugs good for health!”


“Article summary: Actor XXX said that drugs prescribed by doctors are necessary for health, but we must exercise caution with over-the-counter medicine.”


So, basically the title was totally misleading and the actor’s image might have had suffered due to it, as not everyone checks out the article, but just reads the title and moves on.


The example, while might seem far-fetched, is actually very relevant and this happens on a daily basis on the net. ‘Click bait’ in some cases might be fun, but in most it tends to be annoying and extremely misleading.


Worse part is the writers or video makers don’t really seem to care if they are damaging someone’s reputation. So I suggest that before believing any title, just take a minute and check out the whole thing. As they say, “Half knowledge is more dangerous.”

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Tanya Bhatia (MCM College 36)

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