CLF Day 2 Brims With Literary Zeal


The second day of Chandigarh Literary Fest brimmed with the same literary zeal and enthusiasm with the presence of some renowned and erudite writers. Chandigarh Club became a witness to some interesting discussions with extraordinary poets, writers and artists on November 11th, 2016.

The day was divided into 7 sessions, with each session inviting a brilliant guest for the audience. The first guest for the day was K.R. Meera discussing about her book, ‘The Gospel of Yudas’ with critic Elizabeth Kuruvilla. ‘Hashimpura 22 May’ a non-fiction written by Vibhuti Narain Rai was the second book for a new conversation. Meena Baghel, a critic, analysed and discussed the book based on one of the most horrifying custodial killings of 1987. From talking about the experience of that depressing night to describing the aspects of free police, Narain Rai discussed openly that how “castism and deep-broken communalism are in-built in our society and why we do not punish the guilty”. The session was a whistle-blower for the audience; an informative one leaving the rest of us in wonders.

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

With literary world being awoken in the fest, the next event was a tribute to one of the most prominent Punjabi writers, Gurdayal Singh Ji, who left the world on August 16th, 2016. With almost 59 years of literary experience the late literary legend was honoured by Prof Tejwant Gill and Prof Rana Nayyar in the fest. After a short lunch break, the next event for the evening was with Mr. Ashok Vajpeyi, the most distinguished and prominent Hindi poets of our country. He not only won hearts with his humility but also brought thousand smiles with his cheerful and lively humour. Vajpeyi has been writing poetry since 60 years now and expressed how he always wishes to die as a poet.

“Poets write on all occasions; on all provocations…”, proffered Ashok Vajpeyi when he described about his book, ‘Name for Every Leaf’ to critic, Madan Soni. He talked about the relevance of poems in our lives and how he prefers to write in the praise of people and the world. Continuing the same literary fervour, Prof Krishna Kumar, author of a heart-wrenching book, ‘Churi Bazaar Mein Ladki’, was invited on the stage for the next discussion. Mr. Apoorvanand, the critic for the event highlighted some interesting nuances of the concept of the book. Kumar explained that how the book is actually an eternal journey of a man who realizes the plights of a woman in this world. Prof Krishna Kumar elucidated the different facets of Neo-Liberal thoughts referring it to the recent US Presidential Elections.

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

Photo-Credit: Shaurya Dahiya (MCM DAV 36)

The next event was in honour of late poet, Neelabh Ashk, one of the most eminent names in modern hindi poetry. Rahul Soni, Apporvanand and Bhumika Dwivedi recited Ashk’s famous pieces to honour the immortal soul and remember his extraordinary contribution to the literary world. The most awaited and last event of the fest was with Shoojit Sircar, director of some interesting movies like Madras Café, Vicky Donor, Piku, etc. With the satisfying end of the second day of CLF; with yesterday’s dusk came a dawn where our existence made more meaning with literary fragrance all around.

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Gauri Bhardwaj (MCM DAV 36)

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