Class X: How to make mock tests work for you


A brilliant quote says “Practice makes a man perfect” and it is a well-known fact that class 10th which is considered to be the first step for career making requires a deep knowledge and practice on the subjects like Math, Science, English etc.

Before going for the Board examinations, students can practice mock papers which are the replicate of the final examination. Here are the benefits of including practice tests within your exam preparation:


  1. Performance Analysis- Mock test (practice papers) shows the analysis about the student’s performance. This shows students their strong and weak areas. Working on their weak area would help them to score better for their board examination.


  1. Time Management- Time is also one of the most important factors which play a major role in Board examinations. If you have a proper time schedule for each section to complete 100% of the paper, automatically it would lead to scoring more. Mock tests give the repetitive set of the exam. The more papers you solve, the better are your chances to finish the paper on time.


  1. Confidence- Mock tests not only make you manage time but also boost up your confidence level. When you are fully prepared for examination, your positive attitude will help you score more in your examination.


  1. 4. Precise Solution- Many students presume that the more they write the more they score, but this is never true. In Board examination, it is necessary to write the answers according to the guidelines given otherwise, it will lead to the negative impact in the question. Thus, practice paper also helps in precise answering i.e. optimized or required answers (skipping the unnecessary parts).


  1. Chapter-wise Preparation- Always keep the chapter wise tests handy while doing the complete sample papers. Many times one has to go back to the basics after getting the score in one test, revise them and practice some questions on those topics. In the end, it becomes important to attempt some chapter-wise tests for those specific topics before taking the next sample paper.


  1. Reduces Error- By practicing the mock test, the chances of committing mistakes like miscalculations, stuck in the middle of a solution, etc are reduced. Mock tests allow you to learn from your mistakes as most of them can be overcome by practice.


These were the importance of mock test; it gives them a good opportunity to enhance their problem-solving skills and also improving their approach towards the test. Thus, mock tests are the “Key to success” in the examination.


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