City Beautiful Outshines Other UTs in Gross Enrollment Ratio


With 56.1% Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) recorded in Chandigarh, the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) speaks of an accelerating rate of gender parity.

The Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Prakash Javadekar, recently released the latest edition of the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) for the year 2016-17. With an all India figure of 25.2%, the Gross Enrollment Ratio in Chandigarh surpassed the figures from across the country with 56.1% GER, which is both highest among UTs and highest overall (UTs and States). The next followed Tamil Nadu at 46.9% (highest among States), New Delhi at 45.3% and Puducherry at 43.1%. Whereas in the neighboring states, Himachal Pradesh recorded a GER of 36.7%, Haryana of 29%, Punjab of 28.6% and Jammu and Kashmir of 25.6%.

Gross Enrollment Ratio is a significant statistical tool that aids in determining the growth of higher education in the country, and the determination of the ratio in 2016-17 recorded an enhancement by 0.7%.

With a national figure of 24.5% GER for womenChandigarh has again topped the list with the highest GER for females in all the categories of higher education at 68.8%, which is followed by New Delhi at 48.4% and Tamil Nadu at 45.6%. In the case of GER for men, Tamil Nadu tops the list overall, with Chandigarh bagging the second position overall and being first among UTs. 

With a mere increase of 0.7% in the year, the country targets to attain a Gross Enrollment Ratio of 30% by 2020 and certainly has a long way to go. The GER of the USA boasts at 85.8% and that of China is recorded at 43.39%. 

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