Chisel and Sparkle: A Personality Development Workshop


“Life does not get better, only you learn to get better or bitter with time”, these were the inaugurating words of Mrs. Urvashi Bhatia, who is a three times internationally certified trainer from UK-based Cambridge University, Manipal City and Guilds Global, as also the facilitator of this epochal, life changing seminar, Chisel and Sparkle.

She dedicated the workshop, which was held at the Work-Cave in sector 37-C on the 6th of August, 2017, to someone she had always deeply loved and lost, her father. The workshop included more than 20 participants, including a few international students, who were the highlight of the show, as they were the ones who were most responsive and active at all the times.

Mrs. Urvashi started the workshop by explaining the importance of the title of the workshop- Chisel and Sparkle. She explained the unmatched importance of difficulties and hardships the game named life throw at us and their role in forging a better oneself. The pressures that chisel applies on any metal (or any other material), either shape the metal or breaks the metal and if the force is applied in the right direction, something might come out of the metal sparkling.

coverage-4The people attending the workshop were then given a handout, which consisted of some questions, a quiz on behavior and communication and the crux of the workshop. She then delineated to the audience the aim of the workshop, which was- to make the audience a better representative of their family values and who we are as individuals. She explained the role of coordination, feeling of brotherhood, and oneness in helping the audience survive. She quoted Abraham Lincoln“Co-existence is the only existing”, and explained how surviving together is the only way to survive in today’s world, where people are utterly selfish, self-absorbed and would do anything for their vested interests.

She indeed seemed like a bag with a plethora of knowledge from anything to everything. She told the audience the importance of English as a global business language and made the audience familiar with some day-to-day tricks to improve our command over the language. The workshop also talked about the importance of communication, ABC (Attitude, Behavior, Communication) of a good presenter and that we should continuously work towards these things to get a better hold on our professional as well as personal lives. Strength, courage, GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out) principle were some of the other things that were highlighted throughout the workshop.

The workshop ended with a thunder of applause and all smiling faces. The workshop as a whole was a very constructive event for the ones who attended it, that is sure to make a difference in their lives.

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Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

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