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Burgrill as an outlet is the latest entrant into the fiercely competitive fast food arena in the city and we must say- it is here to stay. Sector 8 Inner Market has been lately witnessing some new entrants, all buzzing for their off-beat menus and signature offerings! Burgrill is one of them, situated on the rather ‘dull-side’ of the inner market, near Sweet Nothings. But that’s where the dullness ends. The best part of this take-away restaurant (yes, there is no place to sit) is the warm welcome that you receive by the owner himself who is always eager to help, to guide you with your menu, to recommend something that best suits your taste buds. For that, the hospitality gets 5/5 stars.

Photo-Credit: Arnav Munjal (BDS, PU Campus)

Photo-Credit: Arnav Munjal (BDS, PU Campus)

Well, the entire menu is scrumptious, delectable and doesn’t go really heavy on the pocket. But the personal favourites would be the Big Veg Snacker, Cheesy Cheddar Paneer Burger and Cheese Chicken Quarter Pounder. The buns are soft and nice. The fillings and the sauces are really good and the chicken is crispy, juicy and very well cooked. What else do you ask for in a good burger? And as any burger is incomplete without fries, African Peri-Peri Fries are highly recommended, which have a delectable mix of spice, sweet and juice to make them taste sublime. For wraps, the Falafel wrap is your call, which has all the vegetables in the perfect proportion that make it taste like heaven.
We can’t conclude a meal without serving your sweet tooth. Even though their drinks are not their speciality, we’ll recommend you to try their Oreo Shake which just seeps into all corners of your mouth to provide the perfect sweet chocolate taste.
Seems to be an understatement that we would like to give this outlet 4/5 overall, but a full 5/5 stars to the service and customer satisfaction. It is a place, that you cannot visit just once. Burgrill guys, you are indeed ‘licensed to grill.

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Arnav Munjal (BDS, PU Campus)

Arnav Munjal
(BDS, PU Campus)

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