Chennai Floods: Who’s at fault?


We belong to a country where farmers pray for rain, wait for them eagerly and some die in anticipation.
But the ancient Presidency city of Madras, presently Chennai, did become a victim to the oh-so lyrical rain. For them it wasn’t poetic indeed! All that the nation could hear was loud cries by the city folk. Yes, a major city of the country is drowning. It has awaken the entire nation to help, aide and come to its rescue but going back a little ,we realize that maybe it wasn’t entirely God’s fault; humankind might have a foremost role to play in it.

Chennai was accustomed to the usual retreating monsoon this time of the year, every year, but people were more adapted to their concrete lifestyle it seems. They neither anticipated nor were prepared for what nature had to offer them. Rampant construction played its part. It clogged the rainwater which was otherwise supposed to be freely flowing out of the city through proper network of drainage, but the present system could not bear the brunt of the high aspirations the city otherwise offered. The heavy water logging obviously caused the devilish floods to occur. Going back a little we would realize that, it was the people who were unknowingly leading to these floods in some way or the other.

Unplanned development, heavy human intervention, lack of water pumping facilities and most importantly lack of proper sewerage were the chief causes that led the city to flow. It is also a well known fact that India lacks in its mitigation hence rainfall of such mammoth intensity was not expected.

Yes, we do sympathize with the people put there and our compassions are being showed in a very emotional way through the general public being sensitive towards the victims of disaster. Our leaders are finally gaining ground through various relief funds and nationwide help. Prime Minister ,Narender Modi has also announced a relief fund of Rs. 1000 Crore. Not to mention that that the army is playing its fair share in defeating the diabolic source of water. But what I majorly feel is, that the victims may somewhere be the antecedents of the floods. The community needs to look within itself or else they might soon witness the doomsday. Although I pray for Chennai and hope its speedy recovery, it’s time to introspect and save ourselves.

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