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We are surrounded by chemistry and its applications all the time and this can be observed on day-to-day basis. Therefore to celebrate this interesting subject, teachers of the Chemistry Department of P.G.G.C-11 organized an event on 24th September, 2015, to cherish the boons and discoveries of chemistry in our daily lives.

The invent was inaugurated by the Principal Mr. J.S. Raghu along with other teachers and after the ribbon cutting ceremony, the students of BSc displayed the posters and collages which they made to create awareness about food adulteration-it’s causes and cures.

After the display, students who are currently pursuing their Masters degree in the college, represented a skit depicting the misconceptions of ‘Tantriks’ magic which they perform in front of the masses which are nothing but basic applications of chemistry.
To see a red rose change its color to white, or an anaconda formation by burning sugar with concentrated Sulphuric Acid, or to see spreading of colors on milk because milk and soap get along well, those students covered it all by performing these experiments in front of the eager curious crowd.

While some students performed the adulterating tests and showed the teachers and the students about the adulterating and food poisoning procedures and how to give them a reality check. The best thing about these experiments is that one can check the purity of a substance at home, with the help of basic products used every day. Not everyone can become a chemist but it’s no harm in making a mini lab of your own! Overall, the day was exulting for the teachers and students who learnt a lot about practical chemistry and how to implement it aptly.

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