Chavi Salwan


Q. How did the idea of designing shoes come to your mind and from where did you get your inspiration?

A.Well you see, MCM has a lot of fashionistas. Girls follow the latest trends and they always look forward to something unique. I was a creative mind since childhood and had a strong desire to do something in this field. This inspired me to become a shoe designer. How many shoe designers do you see in Chandigarh? Hardly any! So, when you combine a fashion and an art enthusiast, you get me! I design accessories also but my shoes are more in demand.


Q.What are your plans for the future?

A. I want to work with renowned  designers and established brands. And hopefully in the future, I will set up my own shoe brand name. I design shoes for all age groups according to their tastes and latest trends in fashion. So I’m probably heading towards a new style statement for the society.

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