Chaos is beautiful!


Grades? I’m topping from the bottom. Career? What does that even mean?

Expectation of parents? I should forget that I am their child! Love life? Non Existent

*Takes a look around thyself*

Isn’t my life-game so on point?
And to put it all in the words of Harry Potter,“ I don’t go looking for trouble, trouble usually finds me.”

This happens! This has happened! This is happening and this will happen, forever and always, for each one of us has a fault in our stars. Rather sometimes I wonder, do my stars even exist?

Well if they were existent, it would not have been career, goals, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, teachers, competition, ambition, choices, decisions, good days and bad times all mingled into a single chaotic life of mine. And this is not my story; its yours, theirs and everybody’s. Sometimes, it so happens, that even the most particular people find themselves neck deep in mess.

There are innumerable things that just keep on piling up and one day, it blasts. We just fail to figure out where to go.There is pressure from all dimensions and most of us try to keep ourselves going through it all till the point where we can take it no longer and then just suddenly, we collapse.

We wonder why despite so much effort to keep it together, we lose it after a month or a week or even a few days? We mess up, mess things up inevitably once a while. And here starts the vicious cycle of losing faith in one’s self, losing the confidence and hence losing it all.

But, it’s absolutely okay, because not everybody gets the perfect GPA, not everybody tops the boards, not everybody lands up plush corporate jobs and not everyone has the “oh so perfect” figure or beard.

It is absolutely okay, even if one is unable to keep up to the benchmarks set up by the so called social system because the only thing that gives you brownie points is your happiness quotient. How happy are you? No matter where, how and what you land up doing! It is about being comfortable in your own skin because at the end of the day, we all make mistakes and “to err is human.” The only thing one should keep on doing is making an effort, for results are determined by chance. Sometimes there is no logic behind things and this will remain so, thus the only thing one needs to do is try to keep their game on point, and if it is still not, it hardly matters.

Sometimes, when things don’t go your way all you need to do is take a deep breath and run away from the mess, take a break, unwind and prioritize. And amidst all this one should keep in center stage the fact that no matter what happens, good or bad, hell will not break loose.

We need to remember, the world around us came into shape out of a bundle of cosmic chaos. We need to realize that nothing and nobody will ever be perfect and we may not be able to make things work the way we want it to.

It may sometimes seem that the grass is greener on the other side but ask your neighbor and in all honesty he will tell you, “Sir you are badly mistaken for everyone has their own hang ups and every one has their own battle to fight.”

You may not see it but this universe is chaos and astonishingly it is chaos which brings a rhythm to life. We see what we want to see. It is all about perspective! Take life to be a barren desert and you will parch to death. Or alternatively, take life to be a kaleidoscope and you will see hues innumerable.  There is beauty in chaos. And you will find it too!

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Pavni Gaurangi

Pavni Gaurangi (MCM College 36)

Earthly and Altruistic , sprinkled with tiny hints of never ending enthusiasm. This author is prone to being gibberish at times yet forces the world to absorb her never ending sagas.


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