In this beautiful yet so cruel world,
With stories and thoughts left untold.
Where people with bad luck might be forgiven,
But those with bad intention face God’s prison.

Where everyone is joining the endless race,
Of neglecting the heart and falling for the face.
Where emotions loose and money wins the case,
For morals got stuck in an impossible maze.

Where ‘pride hath a fall’,
Was just a phrase hung on the wall.
As ‘honesty is the best policy’,
Became the least used philosophy.

For now, loosing health to attain wealth,
And then, using wealth to attain health.
Well life ? ‘It goes on’,
Leaving hearts all broken and torn.

Humans faded and mannequins appeared,
Warmth disappeared coldness pioneered.
This is my version of the 21st Century,
Where people are losing their real identity.

Giving up the baby’s cradle,
Time to be a role model.
My words might not reach a great range,
But every bit contributes to the change.

For change is the only constant,
Avoiding the days of repent.
It’s time we face the truth,

For now it’s in the hands of the youth.

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About the Poet:

Shriya Bhardwaj (Reader, PU Mirror)


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