Chandigarh to ‘Dream, Ideate and Create’ With TEDx Chandigarh


For the past thirty years TED has been doing something poles apart, something that brings all the innovative and free thinking minds under one roof. Something that encourages you to ask questions, to push forward in the right direction. TEDx is a series of independently organised events with ‘x’ specifically implying ‘independent’, held with the aim of sharing ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. The TED Talks are also streamed to audience worldwide.

TEDx Chandigarh is a part of these independent events, where brilliant minds come to talk about their ideas that have the capacity of changing the society. With the initiative taken up by Simarpreet Singh and Pritika Mehta as they received the license for TEDxChandigarh in 2016, it has a set of hardworking volunteers working behind the scenes to make this event possible. The event shall have a full day plan of 12 and over live speakers, ranging from progressive bureaucrats to young entrepreneurs, minds that know how to change the society for the good; TED Talks videos, activities and a range of inspiring performances to play a connection between catalysts and potential leaders.

sponsorship-package-201720161106084120Let’s have a look at all those things that TEDx is about, to give you a brief idea about this superlative event:

~ Ideas Worth Spreading: Young minds that are still budding get to listen to innovators who have sacrificed a lot just for the betterment of the society. TEDx gives you a platform to come in contact with these enthralling personalities and get to know more about their ideas, maybe you could join hands with them. Inspiration is the core element that you grasp after attending such a magnificent event.

~ Global Network: TEDx is not just confined to a certain place, it is a global event. It offers you a platform to wake up the ideas existing in your mind with the help of its global reach. Speakers and often attendees come from various parts of the world giving it a wider reach across the globe.

~ Gives you a positive outlook towards life: TEDx invites people who have proved themselves in the world by doing something out of the box. TED talks are to inspire people with ideas that can help them, as TEDxChandigarh’s thought of, ‘Dream Ideate and Create’.

~ Invite only event: Get to experience the invite only event and take some privilege in being one of the few allowed in the audience. TEDx events are recorded and posted on the YouTube channel for free viewership across the globe, making way for only a few to be lucky enough to get in and take the authentic experience.

ted-1TEDxChandigarh will soon be just around the corner as the young minds from Chandigarh gear up to bring to the people an event that will make them ‘Dream, Ideate and Create’. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be a part of something so captivating that it would motivate you to think out of the box, something that will bring about a change. Be a witness to this life-changing event by getting your tickets at

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Kshitij Bhargava (SD College 32)

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