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The pretty girls of MCM DAV College for Women experienced a stupendous platform to showcase talent, held at the premises itself on the September 13th noon. It was powered by Oppo and the managing team from Times Of India. The purpose of this gala event was to search for the hidden talent among the youth, just like beauty with brains. The contest comprised of dancing, singing, modeling etc. any talent that took out the best of oneself. 

The commencement of the event was at 3:45 PM, an hour late from the reported time. Yet, the auditorium was full of Oppo banners and had a beautiful Selfie corner, all done in a short span of time. A huge crowd was attracted by the event. It was basically meant for the freshers of the college itself. The event was a huge success because of the upcoming sensation, Mr. Bhavdeep Romana, the host of the evening. He stole the show with his usual zestful attitude. He made the audience dance to the beat. The auditorium was entirely occupied with gorgeous girls, adding much of juice to the event. The contest had three rounds, first being the introduction, second being the Talent hunt and third being a conversation with the Judge.

There were limited registrations, so all forms were grabbed away in few minutes and the talent was ready to be on the stage.

The respected judge, Ms. Jaspreet, E-Editor at E-Times (Times of India), equally enjoyed the event. She was an active observer throughout. She was accompanied by Mr. Shiv, a photographer at TOI. The event had awesome fillers, like that of OPPO Balloon Men dancing at the beat of Bhangra and a wonderful performance by a well-known singer, Zeeshan, who stole the hearts with his mesmerizing voice.

After the three rounds, the girls were anxious about the results. In the meantime, the host and the audience were supportive enough to cheer them up. Soon the results came out and Mithilia Raj bagged the first position, followed by Saloni Sharma, the first runner up and Hunar, the second runner up, out of the seven contestants that qualified for the third round. They were awarded the T-shirts of TOI. The girls were qualified for the Chandigarh Finale, where they would represent MCM DAV College for Women.

“I feel great rather I was amazed because it was unexpected. I wasn’t prepared, my performance was just a random one”, said Mithilia Raj, the winner.

The participants were energetic enough and had an amazing evening. “I really felt good, to be honest, it was a great event as it boosted our morale us and left us with a lifetime memory and yes I enjoyed it as a viewer and as a participant both”, said Ambika Chandel, one of the participants. 

The event had an amazing audience, it provided as rejuvenation to the hostellers as well. The evening was full of enthusiasm, moves, rhythm, and melody and iced with a remarkable talent of girls.  

“The event was full of new energy, fun, and enthusiasm. It just got every one of us on our feet. Very frequently, in fact, such events encourage students to come forward, builds up their confidence and definitely boost their self-esteem. Plus, it’s like a productive and refreshing experience for all. The beauty of the event was that everybody was just so natural and was into their comfort zone. They did something that they were best at and this made the event just so memorable”
, said Kanika Kochar, a volunteer from the audience. 

The event was started in rush and ended up with spreading hundreds of smiles. It was a job well done on the part of MCM DAV College to provide the venue, volunteers and a hard working council, which made this event a great success. 

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