‘Chandigarh Meri Jaan Release’: Chandigarh Establishment Day Celebrations Like Never Before!


November 1st is marked as the Chandigarh Establishment Day. To foster the spirit of oneness among the people of Chandigarh and kick-start the event, the release of song dedicated to Chandigarh, ‘Chandigarh Meri Jaan’ was witnessed on September 16, 2017 at the Sector-17 shopping plaza. The event started off at around 6:30 pm, where Mrs. Asha Kumari Jaswal, Mayor of the tri-city, made this event special with her presence. The celebration started in high zeal, with an energetic dance performance by a local group. It made the crowd come to groove and start moving their bodies with the cadence. Then came the talented singer, Stylish Singh who complimented the evening with his original song ‘iPhone’ and a Punjabi version of the international sensational ‘Despacito’, to which the crowd’s initial reaction of perplexity and bafflement paved way to praise the creativity of the raw talent. Mohit, an onlooker said, “The one thing you find in Chandigarh is – an explosive idea with people willing to take that action. This event is one of those power-packed events”

R. J. Anubhav, from BIG F.M. 93.5 hosted the song launch with an unparalleled energy and invited on the stage the mayor and the Showbiz team to unveil the official poster of the song, ‘Chandigarh Meri Jaan’.

Then followed the life of the party, Zeeshan, along with Viruss (the singers of the song) who were invited on the stage to sing the official song of Chandigarh along with the video being played live for the first time. While feeling extremely related to the song, the crowd demanded the song to be sung once again, this time with the official crew. The stage was once again set for the lovely crew (the backbone of the song) who danced to the beats in perfect rhythm.

Nisha, one of the organizers said, “It gives us a great pleasure to help nurture young talent on such a big platform. This song has been remixed and re-mastered at some of the biggest studios in Chandigarh. This song has been made in collaboration with Acme Music”

Finally, the event was concluded by showing a small documentary about the history and achievements of Chandigarh. The event came to an end by letting people sing from the audience and giving them a ‘sweet’ reward for showcasing their talents.

The evening was a perfect blend of nostalgia, enthusiasm & zeal, which spoke about the unflinching love of the residents of Chandigarh, as the City Beautiful turns old!

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