Chandigarh- An Overwhelming Welcome


How often do you find yourself coming in terms with a life that a fortnight before you couldn’t even dare to dream?! You know you deserve the best but you know not when or how you would probably receive it! This is precisely my reaction after having lived a month tenure of both my college and hostel life in this ever-welcoming abode, the Panjab University campus.

Coming from a geographically rich background of Uttrakhand, that is my native place, I could never really relate to the metro paced lifestyle of Delhi where I happened to have landed for my bachelors. But the lush greens of Chandigarh as if swayed my belief to truly have found a home away from home, right from the time I first stepped here. Moreover, the warmness and cordiality with which even the autowalas or shopkeepers or any layman walking down those Mughal gardens kinda feel giving streets treat you by putting that ‘haan ji’, ‘gudiya ji’ and a gleaming contagious smile after every familiar remark made in not fully comprehended(by me) but yet so catchy a desi Punjabi language, want you to just stay back and for once atleast in your life enjoy both the forms of nature that though encroaching extinction yet should be thought to be blessed incessantly upon this heaven of a city. Well, when He finally plans to shower you with awes &’ awws’ full of surprises, it does rain heavily and luckily I had my umbrella turned upside to carry all that I now believe I’d relish all my life. For when I got introduced to the perfect roommate as if commissioned on mission to create the perfect room and bond for our stay amidst the most uncompromisingly peaceful echoes of bliss those caressed in the air of my hostel couldn’t but help me be stunned at the perfect wholeness of it all. And trust me it did take a whole of a month for my defensive bubble to pop and digest a new-found worldly fact that people could be in real humane by nature and the aesthetic beauty preserved at par with promises and not just words. This all for a while left me into thinking how ironically the world runs that our eyes aren’t anymore gauging on the pretentious or degraded versions of us and our surroundings but instead on the naive, unfettered celebration of such. So I decided to decipher through ink what I felt was my share to pay off some love and gratitude to the wonderful creatures (as they do seem naturally real) and land of Chandigarh for nurturing the amazingly personalized university experience for souls wandering all over such as me.

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Natasha Negi

Natasha Negi (Eng dept, Pu Campus)

Pursuing M.A.(English) from Panjab University. A bibliophile and an avid reader. Believe in instigating humanity and keeping in touch with the downtrodden part of the society. More so love to capture such spontaneity around in negatives and ink. Ear for all kind of music as long as it moves your bones or beats. Full time observer and thinker.


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