CBSE: Exit Gate for Grace

Summer heat and ever rising colleges’ cut off are the two things that no one has any control over.  Clearly, 90% is the new 80%. To be one of those elite group’s students, you cannot even talk anything less than 95%. Yes, this is the hard reality that every college fresher goes through during his/her admission procedure. This new trend of making extraordinary marks look the average bear is not a welcomed one by the eventual and ultimate sufferers, the students.
For the majority of students, the result day not only brings shocks and consternations, it comes fully equipped with hostile stares, excoriations, sardonic harangues and that eventual comparison with the exceptional topper that Sharma Ji’s son is. And believe it or not, the group being referred to as majority here is the one with percentage above 80%.
There is a dire need to find the catalyst behind this change of trend in marks. The answer to this question is simple yet perplexing, apparent yet nebulous, true but not very convincing. The sole reason behind these rising percentages and repugnant cut off lists is a blemish policy of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
Since years, CBSE is standing firm on Marks Moderation Policy to give grace marks of up to 15% to the students for any exam that is conceived to be difficult.
In order to cater to the growing problem, CBSE in December last year solicited the HRD Ministry of Indian government to create consensus on phasing out of this policy, which inadvertently led to spike in marks obtained by students of certain boards.
Addressing to the same issue the HRD Ministry summoned a meeting in which, Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE), Indian School Certificate (ISC), Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) and State Boards unanimously agreed to do away with the marks moderation policy from the coming academic year.
The discussion revolved around removing disparity in scores, so that commonality is achieved in the declaration of results.
Albeit the decision to discontinue the marks moderation policy has been approved, the practice of awarding grace marks will continue to ensure that a student clears an exam if he or she needs a few marks to do so.
Now when the decision has been taken, there is an arousing curiosity among the people about its repercussions. If the after effects are going to be helpful or will further dilapidated the situation can only be answered by time. Till then, we can only hope that this step is towards normalization with anticipation.

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Daksh Manglick (DAV College 10)

Daksh Manglick (DAV College 10)

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