Career Conundrum: Am I Made For Something Else?


“In India we first become engineers and then decide what to do with our lives!”

This is an infamous quote that we all have come across at some point of time. But the pressing question here is that does something like ‘made for this’ exist in the real world? We cannot imagine Virat Kohli doing something other than cricket nor can we envision Arijit Singh without his songs. Many a times these celebrity success stories make us feel that we are caught up in the wrong profession. This gives rise to frustration and dissatisfaction. Were people like Kohli and Singh really born for their respective fields, or did they work really hard that eventually paid off? Here, I wish to help our readers solve the biggest student life conundrum.

When I discussed these thoughts with a life coach, he showed me a very different perspective towards life. He said that there is no such thing as a gut feeling or an inner feeling. All feelings are the same; it is the desire to escape the current situation that makes us think that different feelings emanate from different body parts. He said that one must be rational and logical about one’s choices.

We often confuse illogical ideas with our heart’s feeling. Getting swayed away by an irrational thought is no less than gambling. For instance, there are two voices inside me: one that says that I shall clear the exam without studying as the questions will be simple; the other says that I should not take a chance and study diligently. Here, some people might think that the idea of not studying is my inner voice. Hence, a lot of people get carried away by mixing irrational ideas with their inner voice.

Coming to the people we admire, if you closely look at the journey of every superstar, one thing that always stands out is clear vision and a rock solid plan, coupled with unrelenting hard work. Michael Phelps wasn’t born to swim; he didn’t miss a single day of training for 10 years straight to reach the place where he is now. Similarly, Amitabh Bachchan succeeded only after a string of fourteen flops. Though, there is nothing wrong if you wish to switch your profession to do something that you really want but you must also must possess the will to do whatever it takes to reach your goals. If you are not satisfied in your current profession, in all likelihood, there is a chance that you might not like your new profession as well.

Finally, my message for the confused generation is of logic and sanity. Heading for Bollywood leaving your ailing mother behind is nonsense. Instead, if you really wish to dream big, start small, and take it step by step. In this way you can fulfill the aspirations of your family along with your personal goals. Remember that Ranveer Singh, knowing that he is not from a Bollywood family, completed his Master’s degree before trying his hand at Bollywood. I hope the message is clear. Most definitely listen to your heart but also listen to your head. Do not get swayed in a current of emotions. In the end, if you really want to achieve something and you really work towards your goal, nothing in this entire universe can stop you from achieving it!

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Vardhan Parashar (UBS, PU Campus)

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