Capt. Amarinder Singh interacts with the young women of Punjab


16th Feb’16: Capt. Amarinder Singh discussed with the female students the multiple problems being faced by them in a very informal environment in Chandigarh, today. The interaction which was made possible due to the Youth Congress leader Daaman Bajwa, turned out to be a huge success, seeing an extension in the time period of same.

Women, from all fields of education found themselves in a conducive environment to voice out their problems ranging from economics to defence, societies to families and unemployment to drug addiction. Each problem was listened to with patience and given appropriate responses by Capt. Amarinder Singh. Captain also talked of the lacklustre service sector in Punjab which was in immediate need of a revamp. Moreover, concerns over the huge public debt of Punjab were raised by some, to which social and economic solutions were provided by him. He led with the war cry of ‘changing the system’ which struck many a hearts amongst the intelligent gathering.

Captain also talked of building agro based industries within Punjab to reconcile its agricultural background with the industrialisation pattern for the structural change to induce Punjab’s growth. This involved the key resources from Punjab to be optimally utilised under the existing social framework. While refusing to promise things that were beyond his ambit, he did seem enthusiastic to solve the issues at hand that could be dealt with. The past achievements of his government spoke for themselves enthusing the crowd with positivity.

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In the end, he addressed the youth of Punjab through PU Mirror by saying, “I want the youth to come out of depression and drugs, in order to have a brighter future, so that, they achieve whatever they plan to.” The grand confabulation ended with tea and a photo session with Captain.

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