Can We Please Stop Sleep Shaming Everyone Already?


Yes! You might not realize it but sleep shaming is a legit thing and we all have been its targets in very subtle ways. While once upon a time, vision and drive were the keys to success. Now, late nights, early starts and running on coffee are additional prerequisites. What time did you wake up this morning? Was it around 6 am so you could put on your gym kit and head out the door to go on a casual 6.5km? Or perhaps it was 30 minutes after your pre-set alarm because you spent some time clinging on to those last moments of sleep? With everyday encounter with such questions, it sometimes seems we are almost obsessed with the ‘idea’ of sleeping. 

Whatever your morning routine might be, for some time now, the internet has been filled with articles informing us that sleeping in, going to bed late and not getting enough sleep is bad. BAD, in big bold capital letters. More recently, a study by the World Health Organisation declared that if you are diabetic and like to go to bed late, and therefore sleep till late in the morning, this could increase your risk of developing depression, all the more reason to make us feel guilty.

This study isn’t the first one, I vividly remember reading online that people who sleep late are probably ‘smarter and more creative,’ than those who chose to wake up early. As an early riser, myself, I remember feeling somewhat concerned after reading it and contemplating if that was the reason I didn’t feel ‘clever’ enough at times. Obviously, this is all a hoax, along with thousands of articles directing us to change our lifestyle and rise and shine every morning.

Upon Googling ‘early mornings better for you,’ about 348,000,000 results came up advocating early risers and its benefits. But are these to be trusted? Firstly, the number of conflicting studies available on the internet is so confusing – if I sleep, does this mean I’m not healthy? Am I more susceptible to depression? But wait; if I wake up to sunrise I’m not intelligent? As if the never-ending life plights were not enough!

 We like to brag about how much we have done before that 9 am meeting, about that workout we did at 6.45 before our commute. Not to miss, the never-ending rant about how late we stayed up last night and we didn’t even go to sleep because we don’t need to sleep to function. Yet, isn’t the whole point of sleep meant to be personal? It’s your bodies ‘me’ time, the time it needs to repair all the damages we cause on daily basis.

Work, life, relationships and all the rest, is stressful enough without adding in the extra stress of what kind of sleep we should be getting. We obviously know, the more sleep we get, the more rested we are. It’s not rocket science and I’m sure those who do stay up watching Netflix till 4 am are well aware of that too.

 So can we stop calling out people on how little, or how much sleep they’re all getting because frankly, that’s none of our business?

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Akanksha Budhiraja (GGDSD College 32)

An accidental writer who has the tendency to laugh at highly inappropriate times and likes to clean almost anything to kill time.


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