5 Cafes in Chandigarh to visit this Valentine’s Day


Since after 18 years of my existence, I’ve finally managed to find myself a date for the Saint Valentine’s Day. So I went on to hunt a few places where I’d like to spend the 14th February.  On the same note, I would like to share with you 5 cafes which would help you have a perfect date.

Please understand, I cannot get you a valentine. Just like I cannot get you draw the number six while making clockwise circles with your leg or make you lick your elbow. Oh god, you guys got me talking again. So, coming to the Valentine’s Day shrines.


1. Nabobs (Sector 9):

Do you wish to experience the café and pub culture altogether, with Punjabi tadka, gourmet food and palatable drinks? Or wish to take your “mashook” to a cool place after the gehri at Citco? Well, Nabobs is just the appropriate place for you then. Oh and by the way, according to their drunk-o-meter, Punjabis are at the highest level of being drunk! Others go try proving them wrong. Nabobs located in sector 9 might be just the place you’re looking for.



2. The Willow Café (Sector 10):

Does your mate love Anglo- Indian food? Then, Willow Café, is just the heaven on earth for you. The open air terrace setting will make it even better. From vintage interiors, to rusty furniture everything seems like a blessing to the eyes. Yes, you desperate lovers, I know your eyes are going to be soothed more by the mere glance of your dream love, than the rusty furniture but, sach batana mera farz hai. Wait, did I tell you that my taste buds experienced the best brew ever in The Willow café! Moreover, coffee dates are the best aren’t they?



3. Virgin Courtyard: 

Mediterranean-style courtyard which takes pride in offering Italian dishes and wines. Virgin Courtyard, will make you realize how essential it is to enjoy each other’s company and basking in the warm glow of one’ s love on a pleasant night. (You got me right, it has a charming provision of candle light dinners). However, the food offered is equally decent. So, for all those clever foxes who can convince their mummy to allow them out after sun down, should definitely go and visit this place.

Virgin Courtyard


4. Casa Bella Vista: 

When it comes to celebrating the Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to break out of the box. But, Casa Bella Vista, is highly recommended for dealing with such occasions. The mild and soothing music accompanied by the aesthetic outdoor seating is a bliss. Guess what? It offers one of the most mouth-watering crepes in town. Located just by the gehri route in sector 7, one should definitely visit Bella Vista if the love for wood-fired pizza runs into you.

Casa bella

5. The Rustic Door:

Every place has one special spot where couples gravitate towards. The Rustic door is just that. From the appetizing food to the stunning décor and live acoustic nights, the place is just perfect, and jolting, and er, romantic! You get a great variety of food from Italian to North Indian and Continental.


Prohibit from exchanging glances with other good lookers on the above stated places. Dates are very good for health. I think from now onwards, I’ll have dates daily. After all, one needs to watch for their health, with dates being a rich source of dietary fiber, and anti-oxidants.

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