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Lately many newspapers and reports have been laying their emphasis on the huge amount of success achieved by a new brand of kids called- C KIDS. Now the question which arises is that what is a C-kid and why have they been able to achieve so much?

The answer to that question is quite simple. C-Kids basically stand for CANTONMENT KIDS and as the name suggests it represents the kids who are dependents of the defence personnel. Yes they are normal humans and no they don’t have any kind of super powers that makes them so special.

These kids have been leaving a mark in every field they venture into. Be it media, bollywood , food industry , engineering , medicine or be it defence. The list is pretty long. The credit for their success can undoubtedly be given to the environment in which they were born and bought up. And by this I don’t mean the perks which were bestowed upon them (thanks to daddy’s work).

The minute they come out in the real world they see an environment full of diversity and integrity. We are born in military hospitals which are at ease with par with the country’s best medical services (maybe even better). We grow up in a place where we know who our neighbours are and we could trouble them at any point of time We grew up in an environment where the word friendship wasn’t limited to “hi and hellos” but meant the entire world to us. Friendship wasn’t defined by religion and culture or creed; but was defined in terms of smiles and all those amazing memories and adventures we faced. Our family wasn’t limited to just our parents and friends but included a lot more than that.

We had our dad’s friends (both senior and junior officers) coming over at literally the oddest hours of the day and they were greeted with nothing less than smiles and humility and the conversation were all worth it. We grew up with stories of valour, bravery, courage and these were in their purest form.  We grew up going to Army Public Schools (they are available at almost all the defence stations), where everyone knew everyone and it really didn’t bother us if the boy sitting next to me is from upper strata of the society or the lower. We were just kids learning and playing together. And oh! I cannot forget to mention all the perks we had. We had access to all sports (and i literally mean all) name any one and i bet you could find it our cosy comfort zones that people called the “CANTONEMENT AREA”. We had access to the best of books, adventures, food, education, music, art… trust me the list is long and too at a very minimal price.

We celebrate Diwali just as passionately as we did Eid. And we literally never needed a reason to sit with our parents and friends to enjoy. We grew up in an environment where our dads offered us our first drink, taught us how to drive and shave, where our mom’s gave us the liberty of going out and finding our true selves instead of keeping us restricted to homely chores. And to top it all we were never actually taught the true values of words like- courage, infidelity, honour , valour, fun, family, friendship, integrity and the reason is that we were privileged enough to be born in an environment which helped us sought them out for ourselves.  These new brands of kids have travelled far off and yet have established close relations with people. They are as modern as the definition goes but have some solid values and ethos embedded too deep in them. The success story of people like Karan Thappar, Priyanka Chopra, Rocky and Mayur are just the tip of the iceberg.

As a C-Kid myself I can proudly stand in front of this wide world and proclaim that I am proud of being my parents daughter and at the same time thank them, for without them we wouldn’t have been able to stand at the top, brag so much and at the same time have the knowledge to understand and appreciate stuff so deeply.

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