The first moment I saw you near that sycamore tree,

With splendour of life lighting up your face.

I though I’ll approach you,

And ask you about the book you were reading but…


The next time I saw you in my class,

Humming some tune with earphones plugged in.

I thought today is that day,

When I should know about your favourite song but…


My Mom said paintings behold emotions in them.

The emotions that Man has left unsaid!

I planned to ask you about your favourite painting,

the day we started working in the same creativity group but..


I never got to know about your favourite place.

I was going to ask you that on one beautiful Thursday evening,

But I spotted you giggling with this blonde,

I wanted to whisper to you the magic of kaleidoscopic places  but…


Ten years later, I spotted you on my doorstep.

You called me to ask how life is going.

I looked deeply into your eyes,

I was about to tell you, but…


I wished to know about those devouring paintings,

Wished to know about those mysterious places,

Those untouched books over the leftover meals,

The melodies in the backdrop of moonlit sky.

All those things that linger in the cave of my heart.
But- the most impossible word

But- the poignancy of modern life

But- the distance between dreams and realities

But- the barometer of our existence

But- the quest lingering around


About The Author

Urvi Sharma

Urvi Sharma (English Dep. PU Campus)

Currently pursuing Masters from Department of English and Cultural Studies, Panjab University, I have a knack for writing as well as reading and wishes to develop her skill-set to be utile to society.


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